How Pivotal Tracker Facilitates Your Team’s Work?

Pivotal tracker is the ultimate project management tool created for teams to make their work more easy, smooth and transparent. It connects team’s members and allows them to see their and their colleagues’ progress in different tasks. Information about tasks, projects and it’s progress, deatails etc.. are gethered in one place so you can always get access to them quickly to analyze data or just have a look.

Author: Allan Ajifo
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Pivotal is divided into story cards that every team member has got an access to. In those cards you can see the list of ascribed projects. All the projects has a short notifications so everyone on the board knows what it is and who works on it, so there’s no possibility that projects will be doubled or missed. This feature provides the team with a large amount of saved time, as no meetings, long consultation and creating extensive reports is no more needed.
Time tracking with Pivotal - integration with TimeCamp

Pivotal integrated with TimeCamp time tracking sofware allows users to synchronize time tracker with Pivotal’s story cards. Cards are being imported to time tracker so users can track time of every tasks. Tasks are integrated to timesheets. You can open them in TimeCamp and use start and stop to record time while working on them, or fill activities later manually (in case of forgetting to click timer).

Every single minute devoted to tasks from Pivotal are being saved in TimeCamp database. You can watch the reports and timesheets to analyze all possible time issues you are interrested in. So if you want to see how much time have been spent on each task, or project, or card, or maybe you want to know which of your workers spent how much time on certain task, or maybe you want to compere engagment of employees about one of projects - you can just generate report and the data i yours.
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