Short trip for longer weekend? Choose London!

Since Poland became part of EU, we are able to travel for job to the UK. It is not against the law, the salary is great, we could save some cash for later. But even when you aren't working there, you are still can to visit, cause there are many of not expensive flights from Krakow to London for example. When you have never been there, you have to totally go, cause this big city is one of the most famous destination places in entire England. You only must to know how to locate great offers, and hit the road.
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When you are planning to go abroad, you need to know when is the nicest term to book a tickets. When you like to spend only one weekend there, choose regular months, cause each national feasts, such as Christmas or first of May, are usual popular, therefor much more costly. Beside, the faster you would looking for flights to London, the lower should be prize of it. So you should stop hesitate and begin some action, if you like to get the finest price available (read more). If you already have your ticket, you have to find any place to sleep in London. The nicest way could be to use one of popular websites, that contains motels and hostels from whole globe. Just select your destination and date off arrival, and look for the offers. You can also select in which area you wish to stay, and your maximum prize for a room. Many of the times, you do not have to pay for it before your flight, only number of your credit card would be required. Now you only must to pack your baggage properly, and prepare for your journey.

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And after you will land in London, you will have many of attractions to visit. First of all you have to visit Palace of Westminster, with most important signature of the town - Big Ben, situated at the top of the tower. This complex was build in late nineteenth century, in New-Gothic style, because the former structure was destroyed during the fire in 1830. It use to be and still is the main quarter of the English parliament, both houses- commons and lords - are meeting here for their debates. But if you are buying flights to London to feel the true spirit of ancient city, you need to visit the Tower, Gothic residence raised in 11th century ( to page).

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It use to be royal arrest for political criminals. For instance, Mary of Scotland was imprisoned in there. It was expanded and overhauled couple times, but it first view wasn't change. Next to this structure you might notice Tower Bridge. It was build in 1870 in New- Gothic style, cause administrations like it to looks similar to the Tower. And when you are searching for some fun, go visit Madame Tussaud Museum of Wax, you would be able to take a photograph close to the popular actors and singers, looking almost like alive.

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Booking flights from Krakow to London is a really nice idea. For really low cost, you would be able to trip to one of the most magnificent towns in entire World. Historical monuments, beautiful landscape, fancy exhibitions - almost everybody would find anything for himself.
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