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I believe that we all love sense of humour on our roads

Many of us had an experience with aggression on roads. Unluckily, there are many angry drivers. They are aggressive as well as dangerous. Such attitude may ruin the whole day. Nevertheless, this is not just unpleasant. It is also entirely dangerous. If you are aggressive, you cannot be focused on driving as much as you supposed to. Angry drivers are more probable to act dangerous on the road, while trying to tease another driver with such things as starting to race or not allowing to be overtaken.
Among the large quantity of hatred and aggression on the road, I watch also the expression of great sense of humor with big pleasure. Such acts are getting also more and more visible on our roads. They could take various forms.

Author: Eli Christman
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For example, I have seen that gorgeous bus yesterday. It had different funny pics at the height of passengers heads. Because of that, 1 passenger looked from the outside like he had Einstein’s hair. Some woman had her head just in the middle of the cloud. It looked just amazing! It was very humorous way of refreshing usually boring buses. I am convinced that it cheered up not only me, but also all of drivers that had noticed that bus.

Last week I have noticed a vehicle which was covered in car wrap nyc. Because of this wrap this looked like there were many cute snakes trying to squeeze the car. This may sound creepy when I write about it, but both my daughter and I found this greatly funny. There are also a lot of really funny inscriptions on the car. One of my favourite one says: If you can read it, you are too close to my back. Human ingenuity has no limits. Isn’t this amazing?

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