Some drawbacks of quick technological changes and how to mitigate them

Nowadays people often live in an environment full of various gadgets. The solutions that are really ingenious are being created in right where we live.

Author: Cajsa Lilliehook
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Some contraptions become widely popular – there are cases that nearly everyone wants to own this specific thing.

It is not easy to picture the way all those things around are produced - which technology is applied where. Nowadays the elaborate items like cars are mounted from their elements to the final shape in only a few hours. Robotisation is a crucial aspect. Thanks to it, manufacturing can be accomplished with great speed and more economical. Sometimes people wonder about the way it is transferred into quality. A lot of manufacturers care about it and they run minute quality tests on various levels. For chosen solutions, for example health service equipment, the high quality ( is a vital aspect which determines whether the product will be released to market or not. However, the excess of the products and the fact that we exist in a consumption world cause generation of heaps of litter. The over-usage of plastic bags, bottles and other packagings contributes to the contamination of the environment. The awareness of this can prevent it and persuade the society to actions like recycling or purchasing more eco-friendly products.

Happily, people know more and more about the hazards for our planet.

It gives a possibility that our Earth is not extremely endangered. The technological progress is a fact that cannot be denied, but it should be carried out with the compliance of particular guidelines.
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