Polish excavating gear manufacturers and their threats in facing their worldwide opponents

Wherever coal, bronze or copper is produced, we will encounter supplies with the phrase "Made in Poland". Polish excavating equipment manufacturers have a position around the world, but that does not necessarily imply that the world is accessible for them.

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Competition in this field is large, and rivals freqUEntly outstrip Polish companies by extent, capital and scientific background.

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Over 100 years of practice and leading metallurgy practice permitted Polish mining equipment manufacturers to develop high-performance and reliable equipment, allowing to conclude the most complicated excavating and energy tasks. In Poland are manufactured longwall, subterranean and aboveground transportation systems, open-pit excavating supplies as well as machinery for mass transport and bulk goods handling. At present, over 200 suppliers of machinery, equipment and services cooperate with the Polish mining sector, of which more or less 40 are producers of specific machinery. The matter on the Polish excavating equipment market is not the lack of orders, but powerful competition. Finally, there is an absence of government help for financing in the excavating sector and leaving them alone in acquiring foreign arrangements. As reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the states with the highest mining potential are Russia, China and Ukraine. It happens to be in these countries that the major increase in financing is to be likely in terms of incremented profit and efficiency.

In accordance with experts at the IEA, at least until 2030, coal will be the dominant raw material for electricity production. So, it is definitely worth fighting for.
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