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The protected work below ground – is it really possible?

The miner's job is regarded to be 1 of the most challenging as well as damaging today. The reasons why? There are several reasons that will be described in the post.

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The fossil fuel miner does not work in the office. He or even she performs below ground where here is restricted access to light. What is more, here are no windows as well as normal light, the atmosphere is also different because it is supplied by special wind turbines.

Different aspect is the underground mining equipment that is used only in the coal mines. It's very heavy equipment created of durable components. Furthermore, the equipment works really loudly making the miners' work annoying and dangerous – plenty of miners experience deafness.

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In many cases, that underground (oceń) mining equipment breaks down as well as the miners must take care of it. They are very complex to mend, especially rock flow methods, underground mining load haul-dump loaders as well as below ground drills. It is obvious that the miners offer only preliminary mending tasks – the more sophisticated are done by well qualified people.

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Another important aspect when it goes to miners' job is the possibility of methane explosions. Fortunately, the danger of the explosions is rather restricted, but it is usually announced that some miners endured the methane explosions.
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