Why a hair salon app could be such a beneficial instrument for salon management?

A client comes to your salon and she wants to arrange an appointment with her normal hairdresser. And also for the same service as last time she visited you. Do you have an idea how to come through this data in a paper agenda where you write down your customers?

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With internet access, you can have such data anywhere, anytime – also on holiday. With a hair salon app arranging visits is much simpler. Just enter the name of the customer and you will learn not only who attended her last time, but as well what was the treatment, the discount she got, and which film brought her to tears. And some more valuable things that make better lots in customer service (https://www.intive.com/en/about-us/artur-mroczkowski). The application gathers information about clients of your enterprise in one place, creating a compendium of information about them. Forget about dusty papers that nobody uses and notes that cannot be read. The virtual customer database is an actual assistance in salon management. At the same time it furnishes as well opportunities unattainable for traditional files. Available filters give you a possibility to select clients according to the treatments they usually use, how often they come to the hair salon, what their predilections are. Thanks to this, you can individually run effective promotional campaigns aiming at chosen customer groups. You can also remind about treatments that are worth applying cyclically.

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It is as well achievable to reach people who have stopped visiting the salon and offer them an appealing promotion. In a hair salon app, the visit history is generated automatically. Thanks to this you can simply and rapidly reach data about previously performed treatments.
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