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The future improvements in today’s cars

In the twenty-first century, vehicle is treated like a kid or lady. That is why, most of the vehicles have feminine names. The automobile holders look for better and best technology to their cars continuously. That article will concentrate on two modifications which are soft closing of the car doors and pro sound system which could be installed in most of todays cars.

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One of the business, which has presented numerous designs is German business, called BMW which is famous on the marketplace and which introduced numerous useful gadgets for the automobile users. Most of the present innovations in the text was taken from BMW automobiles. The BMW organization was established by 3 engineers from Germany. Their names are: Gustav Otto, Karl Rapp and Franz Josef Popp. The date of starting the BMW organization is the seventh of Mar 1916, so to this year the company is on the marketplace for 99 years. The major organizations are found in Munich, Germany. At the beginning, the company began to make only the cars and later their manufacturing involved also motorbikes and machines. The first innovation is technic pnp (more about...). It is well-developed sound system ( which is applied in the majority of the BMW vehicles. In today's world, the people drive further and more so it is worth to listen to sounds while the drive.
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