Planning to export to new markets? Make sure you have needed certificates!

Markets of our eastern neighbours are becoming more and more attractive. Specially interesting is Russian market. Why? Its citizens become richer.

Therefore, they start to purchase more, as well as on new kinds of goods. What’s more, Russian market is 1 of the biggest markets in the entire world. In consequence, it is a natural step in the growth of company.

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If business decides to start to export some goods to Russian market, needs to remember that Russia is not a member of the EU. Because of it, Russia has its own standards as well ass procedures, that have to be respected by every company, that wants to enter the market. It results in famous gost certification that firm needs to receive before entering Russian market. 1 of such certificate is gost Russia. Gost certification refers to some technical standards regarding the territory of countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (also described as the Russian Commonwealth). Get in for more news:

gost certification
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Gost Russia is very specific and refers specially to Russian market. This certificate is some kind of confirmation, that exported goods and its quality are in compliance with Russian requirements. Until recently, this certificate was obligatory and this was necessary to obtain by every business, interested in exporting to Russian market. It has changes a short time ago and at the moment it is only a voluntary requirement. Nonetheless, it is still worth to have it. Why? This non obligatory document might distinguish products among competitors thus also b>

This is necessary to keep in mind that, as already mentioned, this certificate was obligatory for many years. In consequence, it is recognized and respected by many potential Russian partners.
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