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Be innovative – create a unique building

On the world here are plenty strange locations which goal is to amaze men and ladies and make them to consider design and problems in building.
Men and women get accustomed to simplified solutions which are used while constructing process. The properties where individuals live are normally consisting of 4 straight walls and top which is occasionally sloping.

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Author: Franklin Heijnen
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Nevertheless, the design is something more than easy air freshener (go to the site) boring options. Here are technical construction which aim is to provide something unique and out of average.

What is the technical construction?
It is a construction which is dedicated to men and women but it is not a place where individuals can live here or stay longer. Technical buildings are usually:

• Eating House – a great illustration can be the Berlin TV tower – the column is applied to keep transmitting aerial devices, but there is also a bistro at the peak of it and the observatory place.
• Shopping centers – it is an additional example of application of the technical architecture. Lots of shopping companies design their buildings to attract people’s attention and encourage them to go to the shopping mall. Many examples of uncommon buildings which are shopping centers are the Basket building in Ohio, the USA. The shopping place appears like the huge, blue shopping container.
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