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Depopulation in Poland and its influence on the real estate – possibilities and risks

In Poland we have a low birth rate, furthermore lots of young people leave their villages to live and work in huge cities, mostly because of the lack of work in their home villages and towns. This situationhas a very strong influence on real estate market in the Republic of poland.

Depopulation in Poland has started in the late 90-s, when the material position of many families grow up and then in 2004, when the Republic of Poland acceded the European Union and the foreign markets have opened for Poles. A large number of them have migrated to the western Europe, specially to the UK. Besides a large number of young Poles like to have higher education, so they have gone to large academic toens and after finishing it they simply stayed there. They left their parents and their towns, which have inpact on cultural and demographic atrophy of these societies.

in tjese days there is a large number of apartments for sale in villages and in little cities and the cost is very nice. If we like a season or year-round house in a interesting town real estate in Poland will be a marvelous choice. In the Web we may find a lot of information about abandoned properties or a nice property for sale Poland have many of them; read more

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Author: Randen Pederson
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Surprisingly what is a tragedy for one group of people – depopulation of their little town, big economical migration to the large cities and seldom visit of their adult offsprings, for another group of people may be a great opportunity – buying a property in with beautiful neighbourhood, spending time with new people, taking a part in the local initiatives. The real estate in Poland is large and we may find a right property for sale Poland and their villages are very nice, specially in spring, when everything around us is juicily green.


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