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One, of the most richest and influential women in the business globe

Business is a love for hundreds individuals and females at present. Many of them want to be billionaires and like the money. Here are lots instances of business men and women who achieved achievements in the field and be influential people.

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This article will show 1, of the most richest and influential ladies in the business world. The female is named Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt and she is the richest woman on the industry in today globe.

Liliane Bettencourt (in short) was born on twenty-first of November 1922 in London, France. At present, she is 92 years old and still lives in London.

Who is she and what was her career? Liliane Bettencourt is the only daughter of Eugène Schueller, a French chemist who in 1907 established the L'Oreal Corporation. Furthermore, the company also includes the brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lancôme, Cacharel, Garnier, Munich, Maybeline, Biotherm and Vichy. Her mother past away when Liliane Bettencourt was just 5 years. The lady was involved in the development of the corporation from the lady was a teenager, at those times she trained in different branches of the business and participated in the most significant parties.

In nineteen fifty, the lady got married a French politician, André Bettencourt. They lived together in Neuilly-sur-Seine in the north part of France. She has one daughter - Françoise Meyer, who has got married Jean-Pierre Meyer - the
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offspring of a rabbi who died in Auschwitz. Françoise is currently a member of the supervisory board of L'Oreal. In 1957, Liliane Bettencourt got money from his parent and took more than 27.5% of the L'Oreal parts. 26.4% of the parts go to the Nestlé corporation and the remaining 46.1% is dispersed among small stakeholders.

The person has created the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation which gives prizes immature European researchers of Liliane Bettencourt Prize Award in the biological and medical studies. Currently, she is a widow and resides in Paris and because of mental sicknesses the lady has been officially disabled. Liliane Bettencourt is 1 of the most powerful females of 20th century. According to Forbs, the lady placed 15th position of the richest females in the world.
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